Tree owners and managers have a legal duty of care under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984 to take reasonable action to maintain their trees in a safe condition. Responsibility and legal liability comes with ownership.

There are various types of tree assessment to fulfil this duty, which must be carried out by a suitably qualified arborist. -

VTA or Visual Tree Assessment – we look at the tree from root to tip assessing the vigour and vitality, along with structural and physical condition. Pests and diseases, and deadwood will be analysed too. with findings recorded and recommended remedial works, categorised into priority order.

QTRA or Quantified Tree Risk Analysis, is a survey we may conduct if a VTA or tree report has picked up a potential risk or hazard. this survey allows us to apply established and accepted principles to give a “safe” or “unsafe” judgement. the three criteria measured are 1 – Position of tree 2 Likelihood of failure and 3 impact potential (size of branch )  .

Mortgage reports can give insight into present or future concerns regarding trees. If you are purchasing a property and have been requested to provide a Home Buyers Mortgage & Insurance Tree Report we can help.

Our report will provide details of each tree, its condition, its potential risk in terms of direct damage to built structures and surfaces and give clear future management prescriptions avoiding unnecessary and expensive tree works. We will also assess subsidence related risk and give appropriate recommendations. The report can be used to negotiate with vendors where significant problems are identified.

BS 5837 surveys    BS 5837: 2012  applies to trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations came into force. This British Standard provides guidance, in respect of development sites, for a balanced approach on deciding which trees are appropriate for retention; on the effect of trees on design considerations; and on the means of protecting trees during development. This applies to applications for most developments where construction work is involved, but will not generally be applied to householder applications (unless the site contains a large number of trees or woodland).

We are recognised as being suitably qualified and experienced to defend our opinions & advice in court if required (but this has never has been necessary).

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