What is a TPO?

A Tree Preservation \Order or TPO protects individual trees, groups of trees and Woodland. the TPO is made by the local planning Authority and is a legally enforceable order. A TPO’s purpose is to prevent the loss of trees and prevent unauthorised work to trees which offer a significant amenity contribution to the local environment. a TPO can effect design and approval of construction applications made to the local planning authority.


What is a Conservation area?

A Conservation Area allows the same level of protection as a TPO but to all trees in a designated area where the trunk is over 75mm diameter at 1.5m from ground level. The Local planning officer will visit the tree and assess the application , if there is significant contribution to the local environment the LPA may apply a TPO or alternatively grant consent.


How can we work on a TPO’d tree?

An application must be submitted to the LPA clearly stating the intended works and the reasons for carrying them out. the relevant planning officer will give a verdict either giving consent for the proposed work or upholding the TPO and declining the application. Any work must be carried out by a qualified tree surgeon and must meet the required BS5837 standard. Declined applications can be appealed.  When permission is granted you will receive a written conformation from the LPA including specific details of works approved and a time scale in which the work must be carried out.


How do I apply?

You can apply using the online service “the planning portal” or request an application from your LPA.cWe offer a service to apply to on your behalf, you will benefit from both our  technical knowledge and our experience of the application procedure. * Link to contact us. Advice and quotations are free so if you are not sure if your tree is covered or indeed if it needs work please contact us as this is the first step.  We charge very small fee for an application which is refunded if you choose us to carry out the work.


What if I don’t get consent?

Work carried out on a tree which is protected by a TPO without consent can result in a criminal conviction and may incur a £20000 fine.